The Highlights On Thursday

For festival guests:

Diversity In The Arts And Pop Culture, 2:30 pm, Spiegelzelt

► A party-sound-discourse bubble that goes beyond a narrow, either/or mindset.

Women in Music – Next Steps, 4:00 pm, Spiegelzelt

► A debate about the status quo, need for improvement and targets for the future cooperation of women and men in the music business.

Anna Burch, 7:30 pm, Übel & Gefährlich

► The dark topics within the songs are sung with a clear voice and every number is radiating warmth.

Neufundland, 7:45 pm N-Joy Reeperbus & 10:10 pm Terrace Hill

► A great mix of post punk darkness and analytical electronica.

The Night Game, 7:50 pm, Knust

► Wonderfully minimalist guitar pop that shoots you back into the radio world of the nineties.

Marie Marie, 11:10 pm, Resonanzraum

► A mix of downbeat, pop, electro, r'n'b and art music.


For conference guests:

Gustav Käll: E-Sports & Music, 11:15 am, East Hotel / Cinema

Korea Spotlight Reception, 12:00 pm, Spielbude

► Join us on September 20th for the official Korea Spotlight showcase and official M-Music networking party at Reeperbahn 2018.

Carl Leighton-Pope: Reeperbahn Reloaded, 1:45 pm, Schmidtchen (Klubhaus St. Pauli) 

► We’ve invited British concert agent Carl Leighton-Pope back to Hamburg and asked him to take a look at the last ten years of the music business.

Daniel Lieberberg, 2:45 pm, Schmidtchen (Klubhaus St. Pauli)

► Daniel Lieberberg will talk among other things about the importance of new markets - especially in Africa - for the European and North American music industry.

CEEntral Party Showcase, 6:00 pm, Headcrash

► Building bridges between the Central Eastern and Western European music industries.


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