The highlights on Thursday

If you're lost in the jungle of events, these suggestions might lead you through the day:

For festival guests:

Alex Henry Foster, 11:00-11:30 am, Kukuun

► The singer, who counts Swans, Sonic Youth, Mogwai, Nick Wave, and The Mars Volta among his influences, has always understood how to combine the artistic with the political, confronting the dark sides of life instead of ignoring them.

Future Playground: Interactive Exhibitions, 12:30-09:00 pm, Festival Village / Future Playground

► In 10 containers, together with various partners, we will present, among other things, these intelligent, sustainable and above all creative ideas for the music sector and other areas.

Academy of Tone: Thomas Blug Amp 1, 05:15-06:00 pm, Festival Village / Music Makers Playground

► Virtuoso German guitarist Thomas Blug will be visiting Reeperbahn Festival to give a series of instore talks and live performances with his innovative BluGuitar AMP1.

Peaches - Whose Jizz is This?, 05:00-05:30 pm, Kunstverein in Hamburg

► On the occasion of the 20th stage anniversary of the queer-feminist founder of electro clash sculptural, photographic, cinematic and textual pieces are shown, that all share the same origin: Peaches’ versatile work from music productions to live performances.

Mia., 08:30-09:00 pm, Drafthouse

► What would German-language electropop of the past two decades be without Mieze Katz and her Beat Boys? It would probably not even exist, at least not in the memorable form that Mia. has shaped it into with albums such as "Hieb & Stichfest" and "Willkommen im Club."

Kiddo (illustration), 09:30-10:00 pm, Drafthouse

► Her first single "Trouble" already saw KIDDO rise to euphoric heights, combining a melancholy piano melody with heartfelt autotune vocals and conjuring up visions of endless Baltic beaches.

Jungle by Night, 09:50-11:00 pm, Mojo Club

► Afrobeat hasn't sounded this accomplished and laid-back in a while: Jungle By Night aren't the last remnants of Fela Kuti's band Afrika 70, but rather a young ensemble from Amsterdam, bursting with energy and fresh ideas.

HUNDREDS, 11:10pm-12:10 am, Uebel & Gefährlich

► Eva and Philipp Milner explore novel sonic worlds and work with craftspeople and artists to create an audiovisual work of art that passes through the body, leaving each fiber fascinated.

For delegates:

CEEntral Party Showcase, 06:00 pm-12:00 am, Thomas Read

► At CEEntral Party you can meet managers, promoters, booking agents and talents from various different central-eastern countries. It will be playing Platon Krataev (06:00 pm), Teepee (06:55 pm), The Bad Tones (07:50 pm), On-The-Go (08:45 pm), ba. (09:40 pm), Deep Glaze (10:35 pm), and Noisy Pots (11:30 pm).

Die Marke Kool Savage, 02:30-03:30 pm, Schmidtchen

► Berlin legend Kool Savas has 20 years of rap history on his back. He has faced all the ups and downs of the business and is today more successful than ever. A journey through the rap career of the pimplegional with Niko BACKSPIN.

Matt Dillon - The Art of Music and Film, 11:00-11:45 am, Schmidtchen

► Well known for his ground breaking acting in some of your favourite movies, we are super excited to reveal the musical side of Hollywood star Matt Dillon.

Decentralized Living With Phu Styles, 12:30-01:00 pm, Schmidt Theater

► Phu Styles is one of the most influential women in the Blockchain community. Founder of the Women in Blockchain Foundation, Advisor for many start ups and sought after speaker, Phu has a background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and in VR and AR. Now a full time Decentralized Futurist, Phu is on a mission to make the decentralized future inclusive for ALL people.

Choose your weapons, enjoy your day!

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