The highlights on Wednesday

Welcome to this year's edition of Reeperbahn Festival! To give you some inspiration how to get started we picked out some gems for you.

For festival guests:

Rollerskate Jam, 12:30-09:00 pm, Festival Village / Rollerskate Jam

► At Reeperbahn Festival, the bumper car arena will be entered on roller skates instead of bumper cars. DJ Mad, DJ with the Beginners, radio maker and Mojo resident, will fill the spectacle with disco-oriented beats from his record case. He will be supported by various DJ colleagues – it will get funky!

Future Playground: Interactive Exhibitions, 12:30-09:00 pm, Festival Village / Future Playground

► In 10 containers, together with various partners, we will present, among other things, intelligent, sustainable and above all creative ideas for the music sector and other areas.

Flatstock Europe - Europe Poster Convention, 02:00-11 pm, Spielbudenplatz

► No run-of-the-mill posters here. Instead you’ll find unconventional works created by artists from around the world who are on site to chat and answer your questions.

Evolution of Leo Fender's Electric Guitars, 07:00-08:00 pm, Festival Village / Music Makers Playground

►Talk and information about Leo Fender's life's work as well as comparison test Old (Vintage) against New Fender Guitars.

Gato Preto, 09:35-10:20 pm, Mojo Club

► Their mix of pulsating favela funk, South African Kwaito, and the exuberant rhythms of kuduro conjures up a giddy intensity Western music traditions simply can't keep up with.

Féfé & Leeroy, 09:20-10:10 pm, Moondoo

► Last year the two were ready to reunite and create a new musical vision from humorous R&B, Francophone hip hop, technically sophisticated freestyle, and exotic influences derived from their Moroccan and Nigerian roots.

Oscar Jerome (photo), 10:50-11:40 pm, Moondoo

► Hip hop, funk, and cool jazz in warm, soulful productions, rounded off with versatile vocals: Jerome makes big promises with his recordings and then keeps them on stage.

Jules Ahoi, 11:00 pm-12:15 am, Mojo Club

► Lightness, good vibes, and youthful drive are present in each note; the vocals range from powerful to vulnerable, almost pleading. Ahoi is supported by a band of close friends, The Deepsea Orchestra, who enchant with guitars, drums, and keyboard, but also bass and cello.

For delegates:

The Balanced City Soundscape, 12:00-01:00 pm, Arcotel Onyx / Suite 616

► What is the sound of the future city? A simple question with a complex answer – you have to consider many different aspects of sound and sound sources; Will traffic noise continue to be the loudest sound source? If not – what will be heard instead?

Soundtracking the World, 02:00-02:30 pm, Schmidt Theater

► Enabling music to flow freely and fairly, Epidemic is soundtracking the stories of online video creators, TV companies, broadcasters, international brands, businesses and spaces, as well as peoples’ lives through music streaming platforms. In this session, Epidemic’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eddie Höglund will tell us more.

DOORS OPEN Show, 06:00 pm, Stage Operettenhaus

► We open the doors to the 14th edition of the Reeperbahn Festival and experience an evening full of entertaining moments, exciting talks and international live acts.

Meet Us: DMV, GEMA & Music Publishing Summer, 07:00-08:30 pm, Sommersalon

► It's "Meet us!"-Time again! Traditionally DMV and GEMA invite you to the Reeperbahn Festival for a joint Meet&Greet in the summer salon. The Music Publishing Summer School is also back on board. Stop by for networking with cool drinks.

GEMA Showcase, 08:30 pm-12:40 am, Sommersalon

► It will be playing Ian Late (08:30 pm), Darjeeling (09:40 pm), AYU (10:50 pm), and Roast Apple (12:00 am).

Behind the Scenes of the Lion King, 03:00-03:30 pm, Schmidt Theater

► MPC Film’s Senior VFX Producer Christoph Roth shares insights into the two and a half year long filmmaking process from planning to postproduction and explains how this will change the way how movies are made in the future.

Have a fantastic first day at Reeperbahn Festival!

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