The line-up is complete!

The last acts are trickling in and we can now say: We are complete! 

Shura (photo) presents melancholic synthie pop that knows no stereotypes. ► Georgia means electro pop, reminiscient of M.I.A. and Jai Paul in style. ► Abby’s latest album “Hexagon” is clearly more cumbersome than the debut album, clear tunes are broken up by distorted beats, there is more room for celli and synthesiser in their new songs. ► Though traditionally composed, the songs of C Duncan show equally romantic depth as the electronically tinted tracks by James Blake. ► Urban Pop – that’s what LOT calls his music in which the usual is enveloped in artistic arrangements. ► Pool plays indie pop with catchy tunes, soundtracks you can dance to on a roof in warm summer nights. ► Eljot Quent’s lyrics are often compared with Old Hamburg School rap because the band deals with various everyday issues in a humorous way. ► Together with Michael Haves (Super 700), Dan Freeman has produced an album somewhere between indie rock, beautiful songwriter pop and experimental music.

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