The next wave of new artists

And it doesn't stop: With this wave of freshly confirmed acts, highly interesting newcomers and established professionals once again fill the ranks of the festival lineup.

The latter definitely includes FOALS, whose danceable and often intricate sound brought the musicians international fame. Alternative dance, indietronica, post-punk, new wave, pop elements and sometimes even exotic instruments-this band has no influence that they don't know how to incorporate brilliantly into their music.

Dean Lewis was already an award-winning songwriter in Australia when his debut album "A Place We Knew" was in the making. Meanwhile he is filling large venues and has even gone platinum several times in Europe for his singles, which he will now present to us for the first time.

Also for the first time at the Reeperbahn Festival is Charlotte Lawrence, whose stylish posh-pop creates nostalgia of the heydays of great singers with even bigger careers. But names are unnecessary at this point, because Lawrence translates clever ideas into her own signature-and remains recognisable all along the line.

With a sturdy beat and the right melody in the right place - KeKe from Austria has understood how to renounce the superficial image circus and tune her slick rap style for maximum effect à la Fugazi. The young rapper is ever cool and confident in her videos and on stage, guiding feminine hip-hop down her own path.

RSS Disco, with their unmistakable mix of synth-disco and electronica, will warm up the dance-happy audience when they perform one of their infamous DJ sets. After all, the Hamburg trio has already proven several times this year that even an exhausted, over-danced crowd can still be spurred back into life.

DJ Stylewarz, 'the last of his kind', will have no trouble inciting crowds to dance when he gets behind the turntables. With his first album in ten years, "Der Letzte Seiner Art," the hip-hop pioneer has this year set himself a well-deserved monument to more than three decades of beat-making, collaborating with the greatest artists of the scene. Legends live on-see for yourself.

Also confirmed:

Sylvie Kreusch | Sorcha Richardson | Alfie Templeman | Happyness | Krush Puppies | Benjamin Amaru | Donna Blue | Jeangu Macrooy | junk-E-cat | Someone | Rondé | Aparde | Dirty Deep | Just Mustard | Bitch Falcon | Seed To Tree | Taxi Kebab | MAZ | Black Bones | Jackie Moontan | Fairuz | Fred Red

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