Only three weeks to go until the 17th Reeperbahn Festival, our excitement is growing beyond words. All the better that we can announce good news about our live music programme in connection with the timetable today. The pride of the British rap scene Loyle Carner will open the festival at the Stage Operettenhaus plus Charlie Cunningham, Cari Cari, The Snuts, Wilhelmine and Nina Chuba a total of 65 new acts are confirmed! ! In addition to "FERRIS: I've Got Everything Out of Control. No Novel", many more exciting readings, exhibition and discoveries such as the Roller Skate Jam await enthusiastic festival fans once again. The film programme at Reeperbahn Festival has been highly popular with audiences for years now, and all the details of this year’s schedule are also ready to be announced. 

British rapper Loyle Carner (GBR), whose two albums so far, “Yesterday’s Gone” and “Not Waving, But Drowning”, have gained him huge attention not only in his home country but also here, will play the opening concert of the Reeperbahn Festival at the Stage Operettenhaus, celebrating the German live premiere of his new song “Hate”, whose video he also directed.  

In Charlie Cunningham (GBR), we have a real crowd favourite coming to the Reeperbahn Festival.  Prior to the breakthrough of his two albums “Lines” and “Permanent Way”, he’d already played his way into the hearts of German audiences here thanks to his virtuoso acoustic guitar playing and his unmistakable voice.  

Rapper and singer Nina Chuba (GER) is currently at the top of the charts with "Wildberry Lillet", has cooperated with Kummer und Provinz and demonstrated enormous versatility with songs like "Femminello", "Tracksuit Velours" or "Nicht allein". A success that is anything but a coincidence and shows that they have to be on the cards in the future. 


Other confirmed acts are:  

Cari Cari (AUT) | The Snuts (GBR) | Wilhelmine (DEU) | Pöbel MC (DEU) | Esther Graf (DEU) | Layla (DEU) | Power Plush (DEU) | LIE NING (DEU) | Pool (DEU) | Oum Shatt (DEU) | Steintor Herrenchor (DEU) | Dina Summer (DEU/GRE) | YUGO (AUT) | Son Mieux (NLD) | First Hate (DNK) | Meimuna (CHE) | Joshua J (NLD) | Batbait (CHE) | Emelie Zoé (CHE) | Fléche Love (CHE/FRA) | Evelinn Trouble (CHE) | MYLE (DEU/USA) | Daniel Blake (USA) | Dobrawa Czocher (POL) | Daniel Lanois (CAN/GBR) | Robert Ames & Ben Corrigan (GBR) | Tribe Friday (SWE) | POESY (CAN) | Spilif (AUT) | Holy Motors (EST) | District Five (CHE) | Pure Chlorine (AUT) | Ruta MUR (LVA) | Nora OG (DEU) | Juli Gilde (DEU) | Bratři (CZE) | ilayda (DEU) | Paul Sies (DEU) | Grant (AUT) | Featurette (CAN) | Another Vision (AUT) | COSBY (DEU) | Nick Faye (CAN) | Alfah Femmes (POL) | Karel (NLD) | Hjalte Ross (DNK/NOR) | Enilora (DNK/NOR) | Female Rage (DEU) | Now or Never (DEU) | Trash (DEU) | Lydsten (DNK/FRA) | Tapeworms (FRA) | Jonas Ringtved (NOR) | Kliffs (CAN/DEU) | Michael Morayek (DEU/CZE) | Temps Calme (FRA) | Marí (DNK) | Tobias Ginsburg – Die letzten Männer des Westens | 5050 by OMR mit Kira Schubert & Isabelle Meuth | Viva Alpagua – Social Hits for Kids | Heiko Tschischwitz: Die Welt kippt | ELINA WAHIEBI & STEFAN GUNTELMANN: Partizipatives Musizieren mit bewegungsgesteuerter Hard- und Software | SEBASTIAN GANSER & MALTE KAISER: 3D Performance | THE SOUNDBEAM PROJECT LTD: Partizipatives Musizieren mit Soundbeam | TANZKOMPANIE „HERE WE ARE“, THOMAS BIESITZ, ANKE BÖTTCHER, GLORIA HÖCKNER: Live-Präsentation und Experimentieren mit den Motion-Sound-Boxes des „Sensor Punk Labs“ | Stefanie Hempel's Beatles-Tour | Flatstock Europe Poster Convention 

The Reeperbahn Festival Film Programme 

Alongside its live music performances, Reeperbahn Festival’s film programme is a firm fixture, with films aimed at the international film industry as well as to visitors there for the public programme. This year, the venue is Programmkino 3001, where film, short film and series screenings will take place on all four festival days from the afternoon onwards, in some cases followed by Q&As with crew and cast.  

This year’s film line-up at the Reeperbahn Festival focuses on uncommon formats and narrative changes of perspective, which, in a music context, spotlight the Global South as well as the voices of women and the  LGBTQIA+ community. The films on show are mainly the work of younger generation film-makers.  

The feature film Ladybitch (DEU, 2022) sees director duo Marina Prados and Paula Knüpling working through their personal experiences with abuse of power in cultural production. Using “making of” stylistic devices as well as breaking the fourth wall, the plot can be experienced up close and the audience become allies. Having won the Max Ophüls Prize for Best Social Interest Film in 2022, Ladybitch will see the Reeperbahn Festival celebrating a Hamburg premiere, with a Q&A with Paula Knüpling afterwards.   

First Work, Then Play (DEU, 2022) adopts the perspective of Maxi, an aspiring but burnt-out music producer and her inner child. It explores topics such as the social value of creative work, self-dramatisation, perfectionism and the pressure to perform. Director, DJ, composer and Berlinale Talents alumna Brenda Lien was awarded the Saxon Film Prize 2022. Following the Hamburg premiere of her short film at the Reeperbahn Festival, the director will answer questions from the audience.    

The documentary film For Real (FRA, 2022) will be screened for the first time in Europe at the Reeperbahn Festival. For Real provides unusually intimate insights in MiniDV aesthetics into the crisis-ridden soul life of the French rapper Ichon, who - having kicked off his career as a provocative gangster rapper - reinvents himself as a singer-songwriter. In a subsequent discussion with rapper Ichon and director Ugo Mangin, the impressions of the film can be deepened.

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