Tips for the festival start on Wednesday!

Are you ready for day 1 of Reeperbahn Festival? We're in a really good mood and have put together a few highlights of the day to make it easier for you to find your way around! 

For festival visitors: 

Crawlers, 9:30 pm – Gruenspan 

Their first EP has been out for less than six months and the Crawlers already have a lot to show for it: A deal with Polydor, millions of streams on popular platforms, a critically acclaimed debut single and a sold-out UK tour.  

HATCHIE, 11:15 pm – Drafthouse 

Sweet and spicy, dark and bright, down and up: it's the apparent opposites that Hatchie drives to complementary completion in her songs. The Australian with the surreal vocal spectrum has been marrying the soundwalls of immaculate 90s shoegaze with contemporary interpretations of dreamy pop manners for a few years now, maintaining a stylistic confidence that is second to none. 

Cassia, 11 pm – Gruenspan 

Sure, they might be from North England, they might be called Rob, Jakob and Lou and, yes, they might also be considered a traditional band setup, but Cassia’s sound has so much more to offer than well-known British indie-charm. Even as a child, singer Rob was fascinated by the music of Zambia, where his father and grandfather had lived for years. The energy of an Emanuel Chanda and the joyful spirit of the legendary Fela Kuti inspired the songwriter of Cassia more than a Bob Dylan or a Neil Young. Unsurprisingly, their debut "Replica" (2019) combines aspects of Zamrock, of Afrobeat and highlife, as an independent mix of styles with a distinct sensibility for pop. 

Drangsal | Doch, 6:00 pm - St. Pauli Kirche 

The German word “doch” conveys one meaning above all others: the idea of defiance. I’m right and you’re wrong. And “Doch” is the key to the world of Max Gruber, alias Drangsal, as well as the title of his debut book. 


Programme Changes:

Unfortunately had to cancel:
Marie Bothmer
Denise Chaila


For professional visitors:  

Igor Levit meets Carsten Brosda, 3 pm – Fesitval Village / Neo House  

As a prelude to the conference of this year's Reeperbahn Festival, we are looking forward to a conversation between two smart people who are connected to music and know a lot about its social power: the pianist Igor Levit and Hamburg's Senator for Culture and Media, Carsten Brosda. 

Ukrainian Showcase 

We invite you to get to know Ukrainian musicians in exile and musicians in Ukraine, who are allowed to leave the country via special permit especially for the festival. The aim is to support Ukrainian musicians to continue their vocation, passion and work and to preserve the cultural diversity of Ukraine. 

8:20 PM / KEBU & Saymory 

9:40 PM / Lucas Bird 

11:00 PM / Hyphen Dash 

12:20 AM / Maryana Klochko 


In many central loactions all around Spielbudenplatz, parties, get-togethers, dinners, and cocktail events hosted by our partners will take place. From Wednesday to Friday we have many interesting networking opportunities in store for you!  

Today’s Networking Opportunities can be found here. 


Programme Changes:  
Unfortunately, due to illness Balbina had to cancel as speaker. 

Unfortunately, Zac Alcampo had to withdraw, so the session "Designing The Metaverse" (originally 22.09. 2:45 pm -3:15 pm at Schmidt) was canceled. New in the programme: Speaker Daniel Fraass with the session "A Shift In CGI Content Production" (22.09. from 12:15-12:45). 

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