Tips on Thursday

Keep cool! Today's Thursday again offers all kinds of exciting events. Here are a few tips from the editorial team. 

For festival visitors: 

FERRIS - Ich habe alles außer Kontrolle, 6 pm – St. Pauli Kirche 

Difficult family circumstances, the worst possible starting conditions: The "Reimemonster" (Rhyming Monster) Ferris MC started his career from the very bottom. From the ghetto suburb of Bremen to Hamburg, from a "pale skinny boy with a tendency towards increased weed consumption" to the rapper everyone knows in 1990s german Hiphop. In his autobiography "FERRIS - Ich habe alles außer Kontrolle" (FERRIS - I've got it all out of control), he reflects on his development with a light-hearted tendency towards self-irony; here he goes from rhyming monster to debut author. 

Pour de Vrai | For Real, 9:45 pm – 3001 Kino 

From provocative gangster rapper to soft singer-songwriter - Ichon, real name Yann-Wilfred Bella Ola, is reinventing himself. ‘Pour de Vrai’ is the title of his first solo album, and ‘Pour de Vrai’ (For Real) is also the name of the documentary film by director and music video producer Ugo Mangin, which follows style icon Ichon during his transformation.  

French 79, 9:45 pm – Mojo Club 

Isn't it unfair how good the French are at electronic music? The list of great projects that have come out of the Grande Nation and have inspired entire generations of fans and music makers over the past decades is as long as it is impressive. Daft Punk may have disbanded, but countless new artists like Simon Henner are fully in the throes of elevating French sound design to the next level. 

Takeshi’s Cashew, 11:30 pm – Knust 

From a local Viennese insider tip to one of the most exciting bands on the European mainland; for this, Takeshi's Cashew have needed no more than one album. On their debut "Humans in a Pool", the quintet effortlessly fuses the psychedelic aura of the Krautrock era with the vitality of Tishoumaren and cumbia, the smoky grooves of funk and surf rock with the hypnotic power of club rhythms, the narrative character of forgotten exotica soundtracks and the best qualities a jam band could ever hope to offer. 

Programme Changes:

Unfortunately My Ugly Clementine had to cancel. Cloudy June will take over instead.


For professional visitors:  

Female Music Managemet Reloaded, 1:15 pm – Schmidtchen 

Last year's session on "Female Music Management" showed how relevant the topic is, especially for the younger, female up-and-coming talents. Many artists would like to have female management, but find that it is still difficult to find women in the field. There are many reasons for this, not least that female managers are often not as prominent as their male counterparts. But they do exist, the hidden champions. We bring successful female managers on stage and let them talk about their experiences and expertise. 

20 Years of Mando Diao, 4:15 pm – Angie’s Nightclub 

This year it’s been 20 years since Mando Diao debuted on record. Since then it’s been one hell of a ride with 10 studio albums, one MTV Unplugged, more than 1500 concerts in more than 30 countries, countless crossover hit singles and headline festival slots and the most loyal fans out there. Get to meet Björn and part of the band, the team behind the music (management, live, etc) for an intimate and in-depth panel about the career so far. 

Pop Culture in Europe, 2:30 pm – Schmidtchen 

The introduction of minimum social standards for artists and cultural workers is one of the central starting points for strengthening the cultural sector and cultural industries in Europe and making them fit for the future. Almost a year ago, the European Parliament agreed on a resolution to this effect. In this session, we want to talk about what has become of this initiative and what further approaches are needed to strengthen the European music eco-system, to promote talent and to counteract the monopolisation of the sector. 



The central location for business meetings and receptions is the Reeperbahn Festival Lounge in the ARCOTEL Onyx hotel. In addition, parties, get-togethers, dinners, and cocktail events hosted by our partners are held in a number of nearby Reeperbahn venues. From Wednesday to Friday we have many interesting networking opportunities from our partners in store for you!  

Today’s Networking Opportunities can be found here. 


Programme Changes:

Unfortunately, Börn Simon (Session: Vodafone Song Scouting) had to cancel. Karin Eickhoff will replace him instead.

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