Touring: AnnenMayKantereit & The Kooks

Both bands will be touring Germany in early 2015 and making stops in a huge number of cities.

AnnenMayKantereit live in Cologne, grew up together, and nowadays write songs about how life and love breaks, baffles, and inspires them. Great songs, plenty of blues, and Henning's distinctive voice – there’s lots to love about this trio. After playing a rousing concert at Uebel & Gefährlich in September during the Reeperbahn Festival they’ll be touring Germany in early 2015. All tour dates and tickets can be found here.  Act fast – some shows have already sold out!

For their tour The Kooks will be bringing along their new album “Listen”, complete with a new sound – though one that’s still unmistakably The Kooks. Produced by hip-hop wunderkind Inflo, “Listen” has these Brits starting with the beats before superimposing their distinctive guitar style.

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