Want to gain a footing in the music business?

Here are the first workshops for you.

You can’t find your way round the German tour business in terms of concert bookers, promoters and managers? Then the workshop Touring in Germany by Prof. Jens Michow is what you need. The two-part workshop of the Federal Association of Event Business (Bundesverbandes der Veranstaltungswirtschaft - bdv) will explain the structure and the major players in live business.
If you have already taken the first step, the workhop Intensives Veranstaltungsrecht (Event Law - Intensive ) is just right for you and is also in two parts . It is given by Jens Michow, too, and it deals with "law-compliant" design of events, management and agency contracts as well as artists' social insurance contributions.
If you haven't found anything interesting so far, we offer a workshop by Simon Pursehouse, Director of Music Services at Sentric Music. In What Streaming Really Is he will explain how your samples make it to the top of the tunes pile which music supervisors worldwide have to work their way through.
You want to take the initiative yourself and do more than just dispatch samples? Social media manager Ute Korinth and Susan Seel, founder of Suna Screenmedia, will provide you with great ideas on social media marketing via Facebook, Instagram and the like in their workshop Selbstmarketing 4.0 – Musiker und Digitale Medien (Self-marketing 4.0 - Musicians and digital media).
Talking of social media – mainFREIRAUM and their workshop Tell the Story of Your Music will give you helpful guidelines on how you can expand awareness for your band in social networks. It will answer questions such as: Which channels are relevant? How do I develop a content strategy?

After following all these ideas there should be nothing to stop your career from taking off.

You can find all infos here.

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