Timothy Auld & Charlie Cunningham on tour

Timothy Auld
The likeable Timothy Auld was born in London into a musical family and raised in the Bavarian town of Weilheim. He’s been making music, singing, and writing songs since he was a kid. Before tackling his own debut album, he wrote songs for films. In fact, pretty much all he does is write, produce, and sing songs – staying in the recording studio where he works and spending nights on a foldaway bed.

Timmy’s got flow; he’s captivating; he’s fun – great guy, great album. Hits by the dozen, groove, upbeat mood. If you really want to do things right, you’ll check out Timothy Auld live!

12.02.16 Stuttgart, Zwölfzehn
14.02.16 Cologne, Studio 672
16.02.16 Hamburg, Prinzenbar
17.02.16 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
18.02.16 Leipzig, Täubchental
20.02.16 Munich, Milla

Charlie Cunningham
In critics’ circles Charlie Cunningham has long been talked about as one of the biggest new talents from the UK. He’s an unusual musician – no doubt about it. His minimalist songs possess a very special magic. They’ve got drama – hidden at first, but clear upon closer listening – percussive rhythm, and candid emotion. Flamenco! Indeed, the Spanish influence is there.

If you missed him at the Reeperbahn Festival two years ago, be sure to catch him now. After all, it’s not every day you come face to face with a guitar god.

24.02.16 Munich, Ampere
25.02.16 Leipzig, Kulturfabrik
26.02.16 Berlin, Lido
27.02.16 Hamburg, Kulturkirche Altona
01.03.16 Cologne, Kulturkirche

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