Already a popular meeting point for Reeperbahn Festival visitors, the Festival Village will again offer a place to relax and unwind in 2020, where you can take a break after a concert, arrange meeting points with friends or enjoy the varied programme of exhibitions, presentations and workshops. For four days the Heiligengeistfeld will be transformed into a green playground of ideas, entertainment and inspiration, but also encouraging questioning and critical reflection.

With a capacity of 200 people, the traditional Fritz Stage is one of the few standing stages this year. We will of course be catering for the well-being of our visitors at all times - food trucks and bars will provide you with delicious food and non-alcoholic drinks. Possibly the most important change this year: Our new Village-Stage will make its debut right next to the village, with a separate entrance and a whole lot of showcases.

In addition to the recently introduced Arts Playground, another two venues have been created, encouraging creative interaction, critical reflection and discussion.


At the Future Playground, the Future Dome will serve as a venue for daily sessions, with top speakers on-site such as media theorist Douglas Rushkoff and activist Kübra Gümüsay discussing future-oriented topics such as new forms of discrimination, mental health, media insanity or modern populism. There will also be a dozen initiatives on display at the Interactive Exhibition, presenting social visions, new approaches to business and strategies for real sustainability.

One particular highlight: On their 30th anniversary, the Fantastischen Vier will present the world's first band-produced virtual reality (VR) experience in 6 DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) "FANTAVENTURA".


As an interface between artists, music-loving festival visitors and renowned instrument and equipment manufacturers, the Music Makers Playground invites you to experiment and examine. From brand-new instruments to Gibson's historic Les Paul exhibits, from the "Dead Rock Heads" pictures by Ole Ohlendorff to the Jimi Hendrix tribute on the 50th anniversary of his death on September 18th, both newcomers and seasoned professionals will definitely get their money's worth.


Together with TINCON, the festival for digital youth culture and the non-profit cultural project TONALi, we are this year continuing the Next Generation Programme supporting young talents of the music scene. The practically-oriented Training Day will take place on Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm - this year exclusively online. The programme is available on the streaming platform in advance and includes around 20 different sessions for interested music business newcomers and musicians. In cooperation with TONALi, the ReeTon project will also give around 30 school managers the opportunity to create their own showcase and present it at Bahnhof Pauli on Friday evening at 6 pm.

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