We're presenting: Wooden Arms on tour!

We were treated to their wonderful music when they played the Imperial Theater at the last Reeperbahn Festival. And now – in January – the sextet from Norwich is touring Germany.

Wooden Arms divvy up a full treasure trove of beautiful sound, taking indie pop, folk, trip hop, and singer-songwriter from one chest, and orchestral classical – between dramatically rolled-out soundtrack-effect and minimalist chamber music – from another. The result is a pretty intense, rapturous listening experience, with time and space dissolving and fusing into something new.

18.01.2015  Münster/Fachwerk
19.01.2015  Leipzig/naTo
20.01.2015  Berlin/Privatclub
22.01.2015  Hamburg/St. Pauli Kirche
23.01.2015  Köln/Ambientfestival
24.01.2015  Darmstadt/Bedroomdisco
25.01.2015  München/Hauskonzerte

We’re especially looking forward to their stop in Hamburg! St. Pauli Kirche and new record label Butterfly Collectors have teamed up to organise a charity concert. The event is dedicated to Fluchtpunkt e.V., a centre that provides advisory services to refugees in Hamburg. Joining Wooden Arms for this concert event will be Jeff Beadle (CA) and Ajimal (UK). It’ll be an evening of real-life stories and songs – sung with honesty, forthrightness, and force.

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