Porträt von The Hives
© Bisse Bengtsson

The Hi­ves, Pon­go, Ant­je Scho­ma­ker and many more!

Our live music program is picking up speed with another 43 new acts!  

From Sweden to Angola, the bandwidth of international talents awaits you in September and will attract you to our clubs.  

Look forward to the following highlights: 

The Hives 

The Hives were and still are undoubtedly more instrumental in the garage rock revival during the 2000s than any other band in Europe. For more than a decade, it was hard to imagine many countries’ music charts or the international press without the power quintet from Sweden being featured. Now back with a full line-up, they’ve rigorously steeled the dual guitar sound of their golden years for the new twenties –  so let the next chapter of the Hives legend commence. 


A lot has happened since three years ago, when Engrácia Domingues established the “Pongo sound” – which blends cultural elements from Angola and Portugal – and thereby catapulted the third-generation “kuduro genre” to the next level for young, dance-crazed audiences. The lively singer and dancer manages to do this time and again in the heat of countless live gigs, where the crowd looks like it’s been in a steam sauna for two hours after just a few minutes.  Pauli in September. 


Many try to combine classical music with modern electronic production. Most fail because of their own pathos, get bogged down in ideas that lack tonal consistency, and end up in kitsch. Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel have managed to elegantly avoid these pitfalls since the beginning of their joint engagement as Grandbrothers. On this year’s new album (and their fourth overall), they create grandiose visions of post-minimalist music that integrates progressive electronics with downtempo and electro-acoustic experiments.  

Antje Schomaker 

It was already clear to Antje Schomaker when she was still at school that she would become an emancipated songwriter. She enthusiastically learned the piano and bassoon at a young age and then quickly taught herself to sing and play the guitar. Her own first songs soon followed, culminating in her debut album, “Von Helden und Halunken” (“Of Heroes and Scoundrels”), in 2018. She likes to let things come to her, as she revealed at the time. This method seems to work for her because she creates her guitar-driven, catchy pop sound with a vitality that is only born spontaneously and with feeling.  

Team Scheisse 

Team Scheisse had already achieved nationwide fame in Germany as the darlings of the music journals when their demo tape, “8 Hobbies für den sozialen Abstieg” (“8 Hobbies for Social Decline”) (2020), was barely a year old. The reason: pure “free-balling”, as Hannes, Thomas, Timo, and Simon call it. Hailing from Bremen, the quartet pile on the absurdities of the Federal Republic of Germany as a whole, one after the other, with a good deal of verve. Contrary to the band’s name, they have zero interest in merely making fun of everything, so the songs on their debut album, “Ich habe dir Blumen von der Tanke mitgebracht (jetzt wird geküsst)” (“I brought you flowers from the petrol station (now we kiss)”) (2021), reveal a biting punk rock that has been churned out with passion and actually released by KitschKrieg! What? 

NDR Vokalensemble & Stimming 

Club meets classical? A combination that has recently enjoyed growing popularity and is now reaching the next level. With Martin Stimming and the singers of the NDR Vokalensemble under the baton of chief conductor Klaas Stok, two worlds meet that – on closer inspection – are actually not all that far apart. As Anna-Maria Torkel states, “They work with sounds, we work with sounds,” thereby emphasising the fundamental similarities between the ensemble and Stimming’s internationally sought-after electronic productions.  

Christian Löffler  

Known for his introspective approach to the house genre and his audio-visual live shows that have more the character of free-spirited rituals, Christian Löffler has successfully tattooed his name in music history over the last decade. Although the producer from Greifswald comes from the club music scene, he designs his music more as a cinematic headphone trip that requires the listener to take the necessary time, peace, and space. The trademark: bitterly delicate melodic progressions interwoven with carefully constructed pad textures. 

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