Porträt von Luna
© Jeanette Friedrich

More mu­sic with Bow An­der­son, Luna and the Nova Twins

One single was enough to make Luna known to an audience of millions out of nowhere three years ago. If you've never heard of her: Go for it! Like detonations during the demolition of a skyscraper, the riffs of the Nova Twins will crash through your auditory canal. Music, euphoric like the anticipation of a long-planned holiday, Mar Malade will extend your summer with us. Bow Anderson's single "Sweater" has been clicked hundreds of thousands of times, and now the Londoner-by-choice is getting ready to present all her music throughout europe. We are eagerly counting down the few remaining days when we can experience all this together with you!   


More music for you! 

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Unfortunately had to cancel:  

Big Joanie 
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