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New speakers an­noun­ced

Social sustainability, diversity, inclusion & equity: These topics are not only present and important in society as a whole, but also particularly in our industry. Therefore, they should not be forgotten in this year's conference programme. With the second speaker announcement, we will therefore shed light on the following topics 

Intersectionality & Identity 
Recruiting & Female Leadership 
Diversity in Music 
Representation and visibility of marginalised groups in the music industry 
Mental health and sustainable work 
Safer Spaces at Clubs and Cultural Organisations 
Parenthood in Music 


These speakers are joining us:  

ALOK (they/them), Poet, Comedian, Speaker, Author 
Katie Melua, Artist 
Lorena Junghans, Producer, Manager, Founder, Innovator 
Mirca Lotz, Co-Founder Safe the Dance, Initiator musicmetoo, Senior Programme Manager at Most Wanted:Music 
Janishia Jones, CEO Fresh 'N Sassy Productions 
Elena Schirm, Creative Consultant & Coach, Holistic Artist Development 
Katja Dreyhaupt, People & Culture, Goodlive GmbH