Portrait Sveamaus und Julius Vapiano
© sveamaus


With the theme strand TIME CAPSULE, we are traveling back in time and exploring the influence of the past on our present and future. We ask ourselves: Being queer and right-wing - how does that work and where does it originate? Do we remember the first time we earned our own money? What was going on in Birmingham in the 80s? What characterised the 2000s and how is pop and consumer culture represented in virtual reality? What traces did the Beatles leave behind in Hamburg's neighbourhood and how is history reflected in St. Pauli's street art?  

We want to get to the bottom of this and much more with you in readings, talks, exhibitions, live podcasts, and screenings! With:   

Sveamaus and Julius Vapiano | Welcome to the club |  10 things we learnt about the 2000s | This Town | Animationseries2000 | Street Art Walk | Beatles Tour  


Also very fresh: 64 acts between hip-hop, folk and indie rock.  

As humble as her attitude towards herself as an artist and her music may be, Dilla has become a highly successful crossover artist in the German-speaking pop scene - even though her debut album "So bin ich" (2023) is not yet a year old. No wonder, though?   

Summer at last. Get out in the sun and relax: Yamê provides the soundtrack for an attitude to life that we all need more of. The singer, rapper and producer with French-Cameroonian roots has been causing quite a stir in the Grande Nation's music scene for a few years now - so much so that even big names like Timbaland have taken notice of him.   

Rarely, and only if we're very lucky, do we get to witness the rise of an artist like Σtella once in a blue moon. The Greek singer and songwriter has added one facet after another to her stylistic repertoire over the last ten years and always managed to shine.   


More Acts:  

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