Keychange Award

The Keychange Inspiration Award honours and celebrates women who have made an extraordinary and pioneering contribution to music and are role models for the next generation and for the Keychange network of 60 talented female artists and industry professionals. Keychange partners are selecting an Inspiration Award winner in each of their countries.

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Congratulation to this year Keychange Inspiration Award winner Bernadette La Hengst, who spontaniously shared the award with Andrea Rothaug

Alexander Schulz, CEO Reeperbahn Festival and laudator said:

Motivate instead of lament! Bernadette La Hengst has been a role model for political and social commitment for years. Whether capitalism, climate change, integration policy, feminist discourse or everyday neoliberal madness - the musician and theatre-maker is never at a loss for critical words. She only proved this again at the beginning of September, when she provided the soundtrack for the 2018 autumn demo with her song "Wir sind die Vielen". Thank you for your empowerment, Bernadette!

Bernadette La Hengst herself said:

Since the late 80ies I always hear the same arguments: There are no female musicians!  So how could we support them, if they are not around?  But surprisingly I was always surrounded by many female musicians, female sound engineers, female booking agents, female label managers or female music journalists, because I wanted to get to know them. If we got more women in every music sector, the change will follow, because networking leads to more visibility. That’s what men have been experiencing for thousands of years. The database MusicHHwomen is a good example for female empowerment and networking in the music industry. Especially on music festivals we need more visibility of female role models to inspire the next generation. We defintely need a keychange, from lamenting the lack to celebrating diversity. 

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