Call for Papers 2017

Raise Your Voice - and Make a Difference

This form is now closed as we're coming back to all participants during June.

We asked anybody who'd like to give a talk or present a project at Reeperbahn Festival Conference 2017 to submit a proposal by 30 April 2017.


Unlike previous year, this year we’d like to ask you to let our central conference theme guide you when working on your proposal:

Raise Your Voice - and Make a Difference

By choosing this theme we want to make clear that our work in the music and creative industries is closely connected with everything that is (currently) happening out there in the political world. We really believe that creating and working with music can make a difference and change things for the better. The question is: What can we contribute to keep things colourful and diverse, to protect the disadvantaged from the powerful, to achieve a fair deal, an open society, or a greener (festival) world? What aspects of the music industry address these issues and perhaps help to offer solutions? Feel free to approach the theme from a cultural, economic, or political point of view.

So, please do not submit your standard proposal on the subject you speak about regularly, but, instead, take that issue, and tell us how it might help to change things for the better – and be sure to make your proposal ideally fit into at least one of our thematic tracks (live music, recorded music, media & music, publishing or music.brands.(e)motions).

Length / Language / Participants

Your event should be between 30 to 60 minutes long.

Your event should be in English. Reeperbahn Festival Conference attendees come from many different countries. (Sessions that address issues with a focus on the German market may be conducted in German).

If your call is about a panel, there should be a maximum of three speakers (of which at least one woman).

What We Provide

We’ll provide a venue equipped with the necessary conference technology, an interested audience – approximately more than 4,400 music industry and business professionals attend the conference – and we’ll promote your event as a fully-fledged component of our conference programme (via our website, social media, and printed materials). In addition, you’ll receive full accreditation for the Reeperbahn Festival with access to 800+ concerts, arts activities, and conference events.

Unfortunately, however, we are unable to cover your travel and accommodation costs.


If you’d like to involve additional speakers in your event, please enter the name, position, and company/organisation of each additional speaker under “Speakers” in the online form. Should you require allowances for travel expenses, for example, for your additional speakers, then please indicate this in the “Costs Speakers” field and state the approximate costs.


Our independent advisory team will review all submissions in May and choose what it believes are the most exciting, surprising, and interesting proposals. You’ll be notified by early June if your proposal has been selected.

Promotional Nature

Proposals of a more promotional nature – for example, company presentations or presentations of commercial products and projects – will not be considered here. If you’d like to present a business or product, then we kindly ask you to get in touch with us. We will be happy to inform you about our promotional opportunities.



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