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German delegation @ FIMPRO Guadalajara, Mexico by Reeperbahn Festival

Industry representatives from all sectors of the music business were invited to become part of the “German Delegation @ FIMPRO Guadalajara, Mexico by Reeperbahn Festival”. FIMPRO will take place from  25 – 28 May, 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Deadline for the application has expired. We have put together an objective selection based on substantive criteria and informed the selected delegates. Details regarding the delegates can be found here.


1. The trip is supported by the German Foreign Office  and includes assistance with travel expenses totalling €1.000 € per person.

2. In addition to assistance with travel expenses, the following services are provided free of charge to participants:

  • Accommodation in a single room; breakfast included (hotel: tbc)
  • FIMPRO registration, including all showcases and events
  • Local transportation between hotel and event site and between airport and hotel

3. Attendance is obligatory at all panels, workshops, matchmaking events, etc. organised exclusively for the delegation.

4. Each participant is responsible for arranging his/her own air travel taking into account the following conditions:

  • Arrival in Guadalajara: Tuesday, 23 May, 2017 (or Wednesday, 24 May, 2017 at the latest)
  • Departure from Guadalajara: Sunday, 28 May, 2017 at the earliest

5. Only one person per company/organisation can join the delegation to FIMPRO.

For more information and consultation please contact us at: mexico@reeperbahnfestival.com

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