IMJA 2017

International Music Journalism Award - Let's celebrate Music Journalism

The International Music Journalism Award (IMJA) celebrates outstanding music journalism. 

The winner for the Best Music Business Journalist was voted during this year's Reeperbahn Festivals.

Congratulations to: 
Cherie Hu (Forbes / Billboard, US)


Over the past few weeks, over 150 great articles, radio shows, podcasts, TV shows and weblinks, as well as about 80 journalists from all over the world, have been suggested to us as superb.
Thanks to all who have submitted proposals to us!

At the beginning of July, our jury met to create so-called shortlists from the long list of submissions per category and to vote on the prizes of the first 5 categories.

The winners have been announced on 4 September.

But also browse the shortlists and discover reflections of the world of popular music that are truely worth reading or listening.

The idea / guidelines:

High-quality journalism is a valuable commodity. The environment in which excellent, original journalism can be produced is becoming ever more challenging and, particularly for young journalists, a lot less attractive.

Outstanding individual work and first-rate ongoing journalistic engagement that focusses on popular music and its business climate should and must be recognised – with special attention paid to the work of young music journalists.

The categories for 2017 are:

  • The Year’s Best Work of Music Journalism (international, no prize money)
  • The Year’s Best Work of Music Journalism (German-language, no prize money)
  • Best Music Journalist of the Year (international, no prize money)
  • Best Music Journalist of the Year (German-language, no prize money)
  • Best Music Business Journalist of the Year (international, no prize money)
  • Best Work of Music Journalism, Under 30 (German-language, prize money of 3.500€)

Works / candidates
To be considered by the jury, submitted journalistic work must...

- with a subject/issue having to do with pop music, e.g. a musician, band, concert, festival, recording, or be a reflection on the current pop music climate,

- accessible to the public in a standard analogue or digital format, e.g. a text (newspaper, magazine, blog), radio piece, TV report, multimedia project, podcast, video channel, or entire broadcast or online formats, etc.,

- published between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017. 

For the categories “Best Music Journalist” and “Best Music Business Journalist”, the candidates’ contributions outside the above-mentioned time period will also be considered. The aim is to pay tribute to impactful journalists who consistently approach their profession with great skill and expertise, enjoy an exceptionally high reputation, and can serve as a model for others. 

Determining the winners
For the first four award categories, media experts, music and music-business professionals, and avid readers will submit their suggestions. An independent jury of experts will then review these suggestions and decide the winners. For the three prizes in the young talent category (Best Work of Music Journalism, Under 30, German-language), submissions were accepted from journalists who are under 30 years of age at the time of the submission deadline.

Presentation of the winners
The award-winning works will be made available to the public four weeks before the festival.The Best Music Journalist and Best Music Business Journalist will be honoured at the Reeperbahn Festival Conference and the winners will take part in Conference talks or discussions that address the subject of music and media. We are also hoping for a greater reception of their works.


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