The NEXT18 main topic: Digital Fix - Fix Digital

Our overblown digital egos have turned tech into a huge mess. Digital sucks, and we are desperate to get our daily digital fix. Now, let’s fix digital! We love digital. But our love has been put to the test. Digital sucks! We need to fix digital before it fixes us. Digital technology is a powerful tool that changes everything, including things we don’t want to be changed. And including us, the digital people, the human beings. Are we still master in our own house?

Digital tools have made us more powerful than ever before, only to enslave us to the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon – the biggest public companies of our times. The master-slave relationship between human beings and technology works both ways and is reversible. When tech turns us into addicts, we need to regain control. How can we fix digital? There is no silver bullet, no single solution. We need a fine balance of government regulation and competitive innovation, as well as a redesign of education that reflects the world we want to live in. But the key factor will be how we take responsible action as social beings, as company leaders, as citizens and as consumers.

How can we design a world we all want to live in today and tomorrow? How can we redesign the digital world, so that we keep the benefits and weed out the drawbacks? Besides proper design, we need engineering, product management, and strategy. We, the human beings, need to be at the helm of technological innovation.

In a world where machines are about to take over job after job that can be automated, humans need to focus on everything genuinely human that cannot be automated or simulated by machines. To fix digital requires us to put human beings first and restore tech to its proper role as a means to an end. It requires intervention where things are out of control. Let’s fix digital!


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