Reeperbahn Festival International

Berthold Seliger (DE)

Company: Berthold Seliger – Büro für Musik, Texte & Strategien

Berthold Seliger is an author and concert agent. He is founder of his own company Büro für Musik, Texte & Strategien (est. 1988), which represents artists in Europe, and he is a German tour promoter. His latest books include “Das Geschäft mit der Musik” (2013, 7th edition), “Klassikkampf” (2017, 2nd edition) and “Vom Imperiengeschäft” (May 2019).

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WeChat: BS1860, ID: subbotnik05

Prof. Dr. Carsten Winter (DE)

Company: Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media

Carsten Winter is professor of Media and Music Management, one of the editors of the International Journal of Music Business Research (IJMBR), board member of the International Music Business Research Association (IMBRA) and founding President of the Gesellschaft für Musikwirtschafts- und Musikkulturforschung e.V. His research lies in strategic music management, festivals, music cities and strategic media development. He is interested in music strategies in Asia, specifically in China.

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Detlef Schwarte (DE)

Company: Reeperbahn Festival

The sociologist is co-founder of the Reeperbahn Festival, Europe's largest club festival and one of the world's most important conferences for the music and digital industries. As a managing director, he is responsible for the international conference that includes a programme of more than 300 sessions, networking events, showcases and award shows, hosting more than 5,500 delegates from 56 countries.

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Eduardo García (DE)

Companies: German Wahnsinn GmbH / Atmende Bücher GmbH

Eduardo García is co-founder and managing director of German Wahnsinn, one of the most awarded recording studios in Germany. Heading a twelve-member collective of creatives and audio engineers, he develops story-driven concepts and content for films, artists, audiobooks and a wide range of emerging technologies.
Together with bestselling author Cornelia Funke, he founded the audiobook label Atmende Bücher (Breathing Books) in 2015, exclusively producing and publishing elaborate audiobook and audio drama adaptations of the author’s work.
In Beijing, he looks forward to meeting creative minds willing to discuss and redefine the role of audio in new technologies and cross-media.

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Evelyn Sieber (DE)

Company: Reeperbahn Festival

Evelyn Sieber gained a degree in International Business, majoring in finance and event management, before starting a career in a very different environment − working in 5-star hotels in Germany and Florida, US. In 2003, she decided to take off her business suit and join the music industry circus. She started at Womex − the World Music Expo, where she worked her way up to Head of Production after six years. In 2010, she joined the Reeperbahn Festival team, where she is now in charge of international cooperations and showcases.

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Frank Klaffs (DE)

Company: Piranha Arts

Frank Klaffs has 25 years of experience in the music business as a copyright and label manager for Piranha Musik (Berlin) as well as an independent music publicist. Apart from being co-CEO of Piranha Arts, which produces the international b2b music events WorldMusicExpo WOMEX and Classical:NEXT, he is part of the Piranha Records team as well as of the educational and consulting branch. Frank Klaffs is looking for business partners in China to promote the internationally diverse music catalogue of Piranha Records and seek exchange with Chinese music professionals for our b2b and new business opportunities.

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Gareth Davies (DE)

Company: Kontor Records

Gareth Davies is Head of International for the successful European independent dance label Kontor Records. He focuses on developing the global label and publishing networks and digital strategies in existing and new markets.
He is looking forward to engaging with experts in China.

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George van Wetering (NL)

Company: GAG group

George van Wetering is a composer and event organiser. He has frequently participated in China's growing music festival scene and toured China extensively. As the founder of GAG, an Amsterdam-based concert organisation agency that hosts events with both Chinese and European musicians, he looks forward to meeting musicians and connecting with partners and investors for future events.

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Isla Angus (GB)

Company: ATC Live

Isla Angus is a live music agent with almost two decades in the business. She represents a roster of successful left-field and adventurous artists and is attending WISE to meet new promoters and tour agents from China and beyond. She is also representing ATC Live as a whole at the conference. The roster includes Passenger, Whitney, Mac De Marco, The Lumineers, Kiefer Sutherland, Sleaford Mods, ALMA, Fontaines D.C, Big Thief, Tirzah and many more.

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Jennifer Gunn (NO)

Company: MADE Management

Information: Jennifer Gunn works at MADE (Aurora, Sigrid) where she manages artists such as SJUR, HAVSUN, Jens, Fred Well and Monarch. She represents MADE's roster and would like to learn more about the Chinese market and culture. She looks forward to finding partners that will help her artists develop and open doors in China.

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Krzysztof Pikuła (PL)

Company: Independent Digital Sp. z o.o.

Krzysztof Pikuła is responsible for new business development at Independent Digital. The company is the leading independent digital music distributor in central and eastern Europe, headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Independent Digital also has offices in Berlin, Paris and Nairobi.

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Marit Posch (DE)

Company: Monkeytown Records & SSPB

Marit Posch is Label Manager at Monkeytown Records & SSPB, Head of Publishing Monkeytown Publishing and Artist Manager of Modeselektor & Catnapp. With a law degree and performance diploma in opera/voice under her belt, Marit started out working as head of PR at the Berlin label BPitch Control, booking agent at Magnet Musik and she also helped manage the career of Modeselektor.
In 2009, she set up Modeselektor’s label Monkeytown Records and since then has worked in pretty much every field of the label business: PR, online marketing, publishing as well as e-commerce.

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Paolo Pavanello (IT)

Company: Metatron s.r.l.

Paolo Pavanello is founder and CEO of Metatron s.r.l. In its various roles as business management company, marketing agency, record label, publisher, booking agency and press office, Metatron's goal has always been the same: to transform exciting and unique ideas into reality and get them to as many people as possible. In order to strengthen the company’s profile and international network, he hopes to increase contacts in Asia and find new opportunities in such fields as sub-publishing and booking. His aim is to identify new ways to exploit their music and start collaborations with different Chinese professionals.

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Patrick Daniel (DE)

Company: Reeperbahn Festival / Snowhite Records & Artist Management

Patrick Daniel is delegation coordinator for the Reeperbahn Festival spin-offs in Beijing and New York and a music industry freelancer in Berlin for Snowhite Records & Artist Management, Synästhesie Festival, HIFI/LOFI Records and the VUT Music Industry Women Mentoring Programme.

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Rachael Patterson (DE)

Company: K7 Music

Rachael Patterson is Head of Artist Management at K7 Music, which is headquartered in Berlin, and represents artists such as Tricky, Mykki Blanco, Lafawndah, Niklas Paschburg, Hania Rani and more. She is keen to represent the interests of management clients in all areas of their business, as well as expand distribution, marketing and touring relationships for K7's Label Group and Label Services divisions.

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Ralph Klöss-Schuster (DE)

Company: deedy music

Ralph is the founder of the Munich-based music services company deedy music which supports artists with Chinese affiliations, such as the producer collective C.O.W. 牛 and singer-songwriter Lui Peng. deedy music collaborates closely with Manta Ray Music in Berlin. Together, they represent a broad artist roster including singers James Hersey, Alice Phoebe Lou and Lalu Right as well as rap icon Che Lingo and artist/producer narou. At WISE he is looking to expand his knowledge of the Chinese market, deepen existing relationships and explore new opportunities for his artists.

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Sara Beretta (IT)

Company: Metatron s.r.l.

Sara Beretta works as assistant manager and international relations officer at Metatron s.r.l., a music business management company, publisher and record label. Her work focuses primarily on managing artists and coordinating international relations and activities with foreign partners, especially digital distributors, press offices and sub-publishers. She believes the trip to China will enable the company to embark on a new adventure and expand business in one of the fastest-growing and most promising markets in the world.

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Sarah Stam (NL)


Sarah Stam is an Amsterdam-based music enthusiast who focuses on artist and label management in the music scene. Having worked for Spotify, Armada Music and the AEI Group in the past, she currently works for her own company SET THE TONE, focusing on marketing, branding and international relations. As an artist manager, she supports UK musician, producer and DJ Ellis. Sarah is also closely involved with the global movement SheSaidSo, which promotes equality and diversity within the music industry.

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Steinunn Arnardóttir (DE)

Company: Native Instruments GmbH

Steinunn Arnardóttir is Director of Engineering at Native Instruments, a leading manufacturer of software and complementary hardware for computer-based music production and DJing. Given that China is a rapidly growing market in music creation, WISE will be a platform where information can be exchanged and networks expanded.

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Steve Mayall (GB)

Company: Music Ally

Steve Mayall is a Managing Director and co-founder of Music Ally. He specialises in the future direction of the global music industry, publishing information every day and working in the fields of consultancy, strategy, marketing services, training and events. He would like to expand his knowledge of the Chinese market and wants to make new contacts.

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Sven Hasenjäger (DE)

Company: 380 Grad

Sven Hasenjäger is CEO of the German music management company 380 Grad, where he manages artists such as Ólafur Arnalds, Lambert, Boy, Ann Ternheim, Stimming, et al.), and co-CEO of both the German film music agency Film Musik Produktion and the new company Analogify. In China, he is looking for strategic partners in the sync, licensing and soundtrack business.

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