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Thursday, 21 September 2017 @ VUT Indie House @ Sanktpaulibar
Friday, 22 September 2017 @ VUT Indie House @ Sanktpaulibar

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Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll

Speaker: Pascal Adler (Musician, Final Prayer, Germany), Phoebe Kiddo (Musician/ Mind:Body:Fitness, Phoebe Kiddo, Germany), Andrea Göhre (Personal Trainer, PTAG, Germany), Tigerlight (Singer, Composer, Radio Host, Producer and DJ, Artist, Germany), Troy Pierce (DJ & Producer, Troy Pierce, Germany) 

Moderator: Ronny Krieger (Indepedent Consultant, Ronny Krieger, Germany)

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Control vs Transparency

Speaker: Frederic Berger (Musician, Kaiserdisco, Germany), Maren Brombeis (Founder and Senior Manager, Ki Artist Management, Germany), Cliff Fluet (Partner Digital Media & Branded Entertainment, Lewis Silkins LLP, United Kingdom), Elén Leoni Meissner (Media Content Management and Editorial, Free Lance Consultant, Germany)

Moderator: Ronny Krieger (Indepedent Consultant, Ronny Krieger, Germany)

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More Money, More Business

Speaker: Tigerlight (Singer, Composer, Radio Host, Producer and DJ, Artist, Deutschland), Marcus Rüssel (CEO,, Deutschland), Sam Taylor (UK Brand Manager, TuneCore, Großbritannien), Theresa Trenks (Territory Manager GSA, PledgeMusic, Deutschland), Alexander Warnke (Head Of Neighboring Rights Service, P.R.O. Agency , Deutschland) 

Moderator: Fritz Krings (Managing Director, Peripherique pq-world GmbH, Deutschland)

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Sex, Drugs & Rpck'n'Roll

The list of musicians who eat healthy, exercise regularly, meditate, and look for a balanced lifestyle grows. What has become of Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll? Is the pop and rock star of today a different type than ten years ago and how does the music change?

Control vs Transperancy

A controversal discussion about the current situation of licensing. Copyright owners are controlling every single step of the licensing procedures. That makes a quick and unbureaucratic legal usage of music for third parties almost impossible.
We would like to discuss various options to change this procedure provided that copyright owners get fair payments and transparency.

More Money, More Business

At the beginning of your career, as a young solo artist or band, the question has to be asked what would be the best wayto sell your music. The distribution of music without a label is a big challenge for most newcomers.
Social networks are not really helpful to motivate fans to buy music and the sales of cds/ vinyls after a live concert are often not worth to be mentioned. In this panel, we will show possible alternatives to self-manage your music sales.

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