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Miriam Davoudvandi

Journalist, Host & DJ /



Miriam Davoudvandi is a freelance journalist, presenter and DJ. As former editor-in-chief of the music magazine splash! Mag, she set out to make "rap soft again" and since then has been working mainly in music journalistic contexts. In workshops and with her lecture series "I've got 99 problems but being a feminist ain't one" she combines rap & politics. Her main focus is on dealing with music and pop-cultural topics in a way that is critical of racism, classicism and sexism. In her podcast "Danke, gut", which is published by WDR Cosmo, she deals with mental health and pop culture and speaks to public figures about how they deal with mental illness. At night she demonstrates her musical knowledge as Cashmiri in both the small underground clubs and the big festival stages. 

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