Andreea Gleeson

CEO / TuneCore

United States of America


Andreea Gleeson is TuneCore’s Chief Executive Officer. Having joined the company in 2015 as a member of the senior leadership team. Andreea has made significant contributions to the growth of TuneCore, first as Chief Marketing Officer and most recently as Chief Revenue Officer. She’s helped build TuneCore into one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the independent music space. Under her guidance, TuneCore has pushed the envelope and innovated, bridging together great product and technology with branding and marketing to create a Best-In-Class service for independent artists, both for today and tomorrow. 


Andreea has led the launch of leading-edge product and technology solutions, inventive marketing campaigns, aggressive international expansion, groundbreaking artist education, Best-in-Class artist support, as well as forged new store and streaming partnerships while achieving premier status and participating in exclusive innovative beta tests with current stores. TuneCore has become the leading independent DIY digital music distributor because Andreea has prioritized putting artists first by giving them MORE – more services, more support, more money and more global reach.


She created key strategic partnerships with YouTube (YouTube Shorts), Facebook (Independent Artist Program) and Spotify (Discovery Mode). In early 2021, Andreea created and launched TuneCore Rewards and TuneCore Certified, two unique artist education and recognition programs which aim to level the playing field for independent artists. Andreea also rose as a fierce advocate for female-identifying creators, commissioning the MIDiA Research study BE THE CHANGE: Women Making Music 2021 to identify why independent female creators remain underrepresented in the music industry, raise awareness on their challenges and begin to incite change through strategic alliances with partners across all areas of the music industry.


Andreea came to TuneCore after years as an eCommerce pioneer in the retail industry, having been at the forefront of retail’s digital transformation. She drove the digital strategy growing Hudson Bay and Lord & Taylor’s eCommerce business from the ground up, consistently delivering double to triple-digit comps in both banners, eventually surpassing the sales volumes of the retail giants’ flagship stores. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Pace University. To the music industry, she brings a unique perspective as well as the digital and marketing expertise necessary to modernize the company. Her perspective, originally as an outsider, has helped her build the company, unencumbered by the traditional industry norms and standards. 

Although she loves many genres of music, she often doesn’t get to choose what she listens to at home. That area is managed by her toddler Teddy, who’s been playing “Wheels on the Bus” and “Baby Shark” on a loop for her baby brother Owen.

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