Andrew Kahn

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Andrew Kahn

Founder / Good Ear Music Supervision

United States of America


A music & film nerd from the start, Andrew Kahn was fortunate to discover a trade that marries his dual passions at an early age. After years spent in dusty record stores, in college radio basements, and crafting meticulous mixtapes, Andrew landed a job as a music coordinator on the final season of “The Sopranos.” Andrew then transitioned to advertising as the in-house music supervisor at TBWA/Media Arts Lab, where he developed the soundtrack for Apple’s iconic campaigns from 2007-2011 and ushered in a new era of music in advertising, one that focuses on authenticity and curation.

Andrew used that experience to found Good Ear Music Supervision (GEMS) in 2011, and has grown it to become a leader in the field, providing quality music for esteemed films and hundreds of ad campaigns for clients including Apple, Google, Nike, Adidas, and award-winning work for Southern Comfort and Cadillac. Andrew keeps on his musical toes DJ'ing at bars and events, consulting for Human Rights Watch, and spends his leftover leisure time listening to those same dusty records in a hammock on a hill in Los Angeles. 

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