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Aylo is next. Nobody else at the moment combines so authentically a feeling for the street with a feeling for big pop. This is how the Berlin native became the hottest newcomer in Deutschrap with just a handful of songs. Hundreds of thousands of fans on TikTok can't be wrong: Aylo is real - and she is a real star.

Don't make the make a mistake to underestimate Aylo. The 22-year-old is a sociable person. She laughs a lot, about herself and about everything else. On social media, she seems like the best friend you've ever wished for - whether she's going live unflattered or sharing her opinions about rap and the world unflattered. Her music also has this naturalness that makes a good song a perfect one. When Aylo does something, it feels easy. But that doesn't mean that she would have been lucky to end up where she is today. On the contrary. She has invested everything into this, learned her lessons on the road and just kept on going. That's how Aylo has made it to the hottest newcomer in German rap at the moment. No back, no bought clicks, no famous features. Only with talent, discipline and her refusal to let anything or anyone stop her.

"I'm a half-Turkish girl with a big mouth. What I say in my raps, I mean. And I stand by my words."

Aylo was born 22 years ago in Berlin-Spandau, the daughter of a Turk and a German. After the separation of her parents she moved with her mother to the outskirts of Berlin. She feels strange and isolated in the village environment. She hangs around the train station, listens to Aggro Berlin and does shit. She soon realizes: I am not like them. If someone messes with her because she's not blond and her name is Julia, she says no. But most of all she realizes that she can use her mouth in other ways. Soon she starts writing lyrics, often alone at night in the gym, on her own and on cheap type beats from the net. She finds motivation in SXTN or Eunique, who are just starting out at that time and slowly break up the Testo world of rap. But she draws her inspiration from her own cosmos. From the Albanian music of her friends on the block. From melodic deep house beats on YouTube. From her certainty that she will play this game by her own rules.

"As a woman you will be compared to every other woman in this business. No matter what you do, you always get these comments. But I stay away from all that. I just do my thing."

Little by little, a musical vision, a sound is forming in Aylo. She combines it with stories from her life: sometimes funny, sometimes Asian, sometimes sensitive and emotional. She senses that something is up. And she is ready to do everything for her dream. She works in several jobs, doing security and nightly courier trips. In short: she does what she has to do. Aylo is not proud of every part of her story. But she knows that detours are part and parcel of getting to a destination. It is immediately apparent what clear convictions Aylo has. Her voice is quiet, but every sentence is like an announcement. And the mission is: Possible.

"I am a respectful person. But if someone is disrespectful to me because they think I am a silly little girl, then I can be different. I've been making music long before I was on TikTok. Facts."

In November 2019, rather out of boredom, she registers with TikTok. In February her first rap video goes viral: a freestyle about a bad chocolate cookie. Complete nonsense, but fun. And people celebrate it. Meanwhile, she has a quarter of a million followers, and the trend is steeply rising. Whoever labels Aylo with Boomer-Voice as "TikTokerin", however, has not understood anything. She is a thoroughbred musician, she describes her art as a "24-hour job with heart", in which she puts "many tears, a lot of sweat, a lot of aggression". Whether she refines her sound image with the producers Myvisionblurry and Babyblue, quickly shoots a text into the phone on the train ride to the studio or answers the DMs of her fans: Aylo is grinden every day. In the medium term her first album is to be released, until then she wants to release singles regularly and continue to cover the whole spectrum that makes her so special: from love songs to announcements, from drip to depri, from super pop to street. And sometimes everything at once.

"I have worked hard to get where I am now. And I will give everything to live my dream. No limit."

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