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AZLAY’s main motivation is culture. Growing up in Bavaria, Germany as the daughter of Turkish guest workers has taught her to appreciate it even more. Driven by music especially she has spent a lot of time cultivating knowledge and skill in whatever concerns the art - including the business aspect of it. AZLAY has worked on many sides of labels, distributions, booking and touring agencies as well as artist management. But an inner voice kept bringing her back to doing her own music. Starting off as a DJ and Producer to do her part in shaping the culture gave her the insights of female artists. The experiences changed her approach so she now focuses on educating and consulting young and upcoming artists on the business side of music to strengthen their independence. In 2022 she did not only consult but also released original tracks, went on tour and played festivals with the upcoming female rappers SATARII and Nora OG as well as a solo performing artist.

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