©Jaro Suffner

Danger Dan

Artist / Antilopen Gang



At the age of six, Danger Dan begins to play the piano rather by chance. In his family's attic, the boy finds an old accordion on which he gives his parents a "concert" after teaching himself a few notes. The parents recognise musical talent, a piano is bought, a teacher is called in. "I was a very bad student, though," says Danger Dan. "I never practised my notes, and I didn't do anything else I was supposed to. But I still played the piano an extreme amount. Mostly 'Let It Be' by the Beatles."
When he was eleven, he gave up lessons, and soon Danger Dan was playing keyboard and piano in his first bands. And of course the fans of the Antilopen Gang (German rap act feat. Danger Dan) also know the pianist Danger Dan: Dan's piano interludes are a popular break-up routine at the group's concerts. So those who know him need not be entirely surprised by the direction he now takes on "Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt" ("This is all covered by artistic freedom").
Earlier piano pieces by Danger Dan, however, were still characterised by a humorous note, which in Germany is usually subsumed under the term cabaret. Danger Dan's perspective was ironic - and thus above things, not open to attack. "This is all covered by artistic freedom", on the other hand, announces this man's love for the music he makes here and for his instrument: the piano.

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