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Helge Albers

CEO / Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein



Helge Albers has been Managing Director of Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein since the beginning of April 2019. He has been in the film industry for almost 25 years; from being a student at Filmhochschule Babelsberg to doing part-time jobs in sound, lighting and sets design, the former producer is, in his own words, still fascinated by the absurdity of the filmmaking process. His first company, Flying Moon, helped him take home a German Film Prize for Best Documentary in 2001 as producer of Uli Gaulke's "HAVANA, MI AMOR". From Cuba, he made some stops along the way to "FULL METAL VILLAGE" Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein. Cho Sung-Hyung's documentary about the heavy metal festival of the same name was the most successful documentary of 2007. In 2015, the short film he co-produced, "AVE MARIA", received an Oscar nomination, and in 2016 he won a Lola for Best Documentary with "ABOVE AND BELOW". After Flying Moon went into insolvency and a new start with Achtung Panda!, a production company that focuses on German-Chinese co-productions, he and other producers breathed a new lease of life into the somewhat outdated German Producers Association (VDFP). In his role as Managing Director, he played an important role in putting the association back on the film policy map. His experience as a producer, Managing Director of the VDFP, as a committee member of the FFA, at the World Cinema Fund and the Deutsche Filmakademie have ultimately led him to the most northern film fund in Germany.

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