Imke Jungnitsch

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Imke Jungnitsch

Creative Director/ Creative Coach / BOOST. Creative Culture Coaching



Imke Jungnitsch, Creative Director and Creative Coach at BOOST Seminars leads the text workshops for ADC. Imke Jungnitsch worked for years in established creative agencies in Germany and abroad before she founded BOOST Seminars with two colleagues. Besides her work as a trainer for text, idea generation and creative culture, Imke also frequently stands in as a "creative fire fighter", where good texts and ideas are needed quickly.

During her creative career, Imke has always enjoyed working with creative people from all over Europe and experienced it as very inspiring. Out of her deep conviction and enthusiasm for the common European idea, Imke has now co-developed the characters for the ADC Europe Game "Pathways - Europe at Your Fingertips" and added them their own voice with her texts.

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