Ina Keßler

Managing Director / Initiative Musik



Managing Director of Initiative Musik gGmbH, Berlin - since February 2008.

Berlin Partner GmbH, Berlin - internationally active in the area of attracting companies from the cultural and creative industries (including GVL, Kikis Kleiner Tourneeservice, Four Music and Universal Music), 2000-2008.

City of Cologne Media Industry Office (including supervision of VIVA, VOX and Popkomm) and Managing Director of the Centre for Interactive Media e.V. and subsidiary GmbH, 1990-2000.

University of Cologne and GfU Brühl, Euskirchen and Bonn - scientific and teaching activities in the field of "new media"; from 1985- 90.

RWTH Aachen - Dipl.-Studium Media Education - 1980- 85.

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