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Johnny Haeusler

Spreeblick / re:publica / TINCON / Owner / Founder



Born in Berlin in 1964, Johnny Haeusler founded the award-winning weblog Spreeblick in 2002. He is also a radio DJ and a member of post-punkrock band Plan B, which is touring again since 2012. He also ran a web design agency called defcom. Johnny has co-founded Germany's first blog ad network adnation as well as one of Europe's most exciting social media conferences, re:publica. His highly recommended eBook "I live by the river!" is available on Amazon and for iOS devices. Unlike this text here, it is written in German. In November 2012, Johnny Haeusler released an internet book for parents called "Netzgemüse" (the book, not the parents), which he co-wrote with his wife Tanja. He is rarely bored.

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