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In a time before laptops and USB sticks, Leipzig-based Josi Miller discovered her penchant for vinyl and can now claim with a clear conscience that she has successfully mastered the DJ game in all its facets. Various contests, tours across the club landscape and a runner-up title at the Red Bull Threestyle Final Germany speak for themselves. As Trettmann's tour DJ, she has recently played in renowned halls and festival stages. Currently she is on tour again on her own through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The focus is on sets that transcend genre boundaries, whose course can be categorized by the fusion of rap, sound cloud edits and electronic bass music into hardly prefabricated drawers. In addition to club and festival shows on a weekly basis, she and journalist Helen Fares regularly welcome hand-picked guests from different areas of the local hip-hop scene in their podcast "Deine Homegirls" and have just appeared as a studio DJ on the German remake of "YO! MTV Raps". Josi, with her penchant for good beats, is also active as a producer. Her most recent projects are the "Songs to stay home" series and "Berlosin", the latter in collaboration with Stefan Heinrich (Klan). Further releases and a pure Beat-EP are in the starting blocks.

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