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Kleo has successfully taken her early training as a business administrator into the world of International Artist Management. The extensive list of artists she consulted, managed and toured tells the story of nearly two decades in which Kleo turned taking care of her artists' needs into her personal business. Her management allows her clients to focus on the core of their work. With her passion for music, talent and people, Kleo created a solid base of long term client engagements such as Till Brönner, Kurt Krömer and Michael Patrick Kelly.

Taking responsibiliy for an artist's brand development, touring coordination and business success requires many different skills. As a female entrepreneur Kleo never stopped learning and developing her own knowledge of business and communication and keeps deepening her understanding of what makes people tick by studying psychology.
Empowering Women, sharing knowledge is a key element and a personal concern. Kleo has been a coach for artists and managers on several occasions.

Kleo is also applying her managerial expertise by currently running the Arrival Centre for Ukranian refugees at the former airport Tegel.
She is a member of the board of the German music manager association- IMUC.

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