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Konstantin Wecker

Büro für Offensivkultur / Founder



Having started taking piano lessons as a six year old, Konstantin later learned the Guitar and Violin also. Joined the Rudolf-Lamy-Chorus for Children in 1955; first appearance as a solo vocalist in the movie’s “Heimat, deine Lieder” soundtrack record. On stage in the “Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz”, Munich (Benjamin Britten’s Opera for); first runaway adventures from his parental home in a quest for the ideal of freewheeling poets (Freie Dichter); Abitur (= High School degree) at the Theresien-Gymnasium München; music studies at the University of Munich. Founding member of the Soul-Rock-Band “Zauberberg” (1971); performing as Annas and Judas in the German version of “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

Ever since Konstantin Wecker played uncounted tours and concerts, solo or with band; from 1976 to 1985 with “Team Musicon”, 1983 with Joan Baez and Bettina Wegner; From 1986 to 1993 the band featured renowned Jazz-Musicians like Wolfgang Dauner and Charlie Mariano; 1988 on tour with Joan Baez and Mercedes Sosa; currently on stage with musicians Norbert Nagel, Jo Barnikel, Hakim Ludin and Lenz Retzer; 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2010 with Hannes Wader.

Awards: “German Kabarett Award” and “Star of the year” Award, both 1977; German Records Award (1978), Chanson Award by Südwestfunk broadcasting station (1985, 1990, 1993); Kurt Tucholsky Award 1995; Radio Rainbow Award 2000; World Music Award RUTH 2006; Erich Fromm Award 2007 together with Reverend Eugen Drewermann.

Konstantin Wecker composed the soundtracks for more than 30 films and performed as an actor in an equal number. He wrote and composed more than 20 musicals for children, as well as musicals about Friedrich Hundertwasser, King Ludwig II, or an adaptation of a piece by Bertolt Brecht (“Schwejk it easy”, 2001).

Konstantin Wecker further authored various books from poetry and novel to political commentary. His most recent publication is his autobiographical book “Die Kunst des Scheiterns” (“The Art of Failing”, 2007).

Since several decades, Konstantin Wecker is also a devoted activist. While many of his songs and poems are dedicated to outsiders of all kinds, he is particularly well known for his uncompromising anti-fascism. Neo-Nazi-pressure to stop a Wecker-Concert caused a public scandal in 2006, even to be discussed in German parliament.

Furthermore, Konstantin is an important public spokesperson of German pacifism. In 2003 Konstantin went to Irak as part of an international delegation protesting the looming war („Culture for Peace“). In 2006 he initiated an annual pacifism conference in Tübingen.

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