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Leila Hamid

CEO / X Verleih AG



Leila Hamid was born in Stuttgart in 1980. After studying media economics at the Hochschule der Medien, she started as a marketing manager for youth radio station YOU FM at Hessischer Rundfunk. Since 2006 she worked for X Verleih AG and took over the marketing management in autumn 2008. During this time and together with her team, she developed individual campaigns for around 50 films, most recently for the Oscar® winner LIEBE, the crowd-pleaser OH BOY and the international blockbuster CLOUD ATLAS. In February 2015, Leila Hamid became a shareholder in the newly founded Port-au-Prince Pictures GmbH and as managing director laid the foundation for a young distribution company in Germany. Among others, the films 4 KINGS by Theresa von Eltz and DER MANN AUS DEM EIS by Felix Randau were launched in her distribution. Since June 2019 Leila Hamid has been the CEO of X Verleih AG. DIE KÄNGURU-CHRONIKEN, based on Marc-Uwe Klings bestselling novel, started as the biggest release in the history of the Berlin-based independent distributor, but the Covid19 lockdown abruptly stopped the success-story after ten days and approximately 600,000 tickets sold.

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