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What marketing specialists would ideally design on the drawing board, Lukas Rieger instinctively made from himself. For ten years, the 21-year-old self-made man has been building a standing in the entertainment industry; he is a "digital entertainment native". But Rieger is not an arrogant fictional character, not a self-indulgent product. He doesn't like to show off, but recognizes the moments when it's important to present his achievements with self-confidence. He is not interested in the straw fire of quick success. He is patient and never loses sight of the goal.
Lukas Rieger has lived and worked in Berlin and Los Angeles for years, but he is actually a country boy, raised in a nest near Hanover: a place where nothing happens unless you start it yourself. A place so vast that even the biggest dreams find a place in it. Rieger already knew at the age of ten what he wanted to do all his life: Music. Like many others, he began uploading cover versions of his favourite songs to YouTube, stubbornly fought his way through the spiteful headwind of his classmates and made it to the battles of the TV show "The Voice Kids" in 2014.
Six years later, Lukas Rieger has placed top 10 albums in the German charts, played sold-out tours and gained a considerable following online: 3.5 million followers on TikTok, plus almost two million subscribers on Instagram. When Rieger posts something, he has an immediate reach that others can only dream of. With one foot in L.A. and the other in Berlin, he reaches not only German fans: his followers come from all over the world.
That's exactly how Rieger wants it: to keep on working towards the big goal, international success. When German music journalists today already attest that he has climbed the "Pop-Olymp", Rieger has to laugh: "Well, journalists sometimes exaggerate. But as long as they don't print lies, that's okay with me."
Lukas Rieger is a "Natural Born Networker". His buddies in California include producer Riley Urick (Usher, Jennifer Lopez), West Coast rap veteran Claudio Cueni (2Pac) and T-Coles, who wrote the UK #1 "Turn up the Music" for Chris Brown, among others. Rieger is quite open about how he got to know them: "I shuttled from one contact to another, annoyed people with messages and mails, over and over again. Sometimes I just suddenly found myself in their office in L.A. At some point someone gives you five minutes to prove yourself. I realized, "You can get to anybody."
Rieger is involved in the writing and production of all his songs. Sometimes he comes up with a completely own idea, sometimes he is presented with song fragments that he can put his stamp on. The credits are divided fairly at the end. Since he now has a shared room in L.A., where he lives at least three months a year, he is also available for spontaneous sessions. Contacts thus become colleagues and colleagues become friends.
Lukas Rieger has instinctively done many things right. He uses the early Fame from "The Voice Kids" to establish himself on social media. Then, to be on the safe side, he completes an apprenticeship as a media designer before concentrating on his music career. In addition to his chart successes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, he will play the lead role in the animated film "Bigfoot Junior" in 2017 and contribute the title song. In the same year, his book "Der Lukas Rieger Code" reaches number 1 on the Spiegel bestseller list. His first film role follows in 2019: in the children's book adaptation "Lotta Leben" he plays an arrogant, selfish pop star with self-irony and thieving joy. He is not afraid that his fans will mistake him for this caricature.
Rieger persistently cultivates the various aspects of his career and works his way bit by bit towards his goal: an international music career. The moment when everything he has carefully built up since childhood comes together: the worldwide social media fanbase, cooperations with hip brands, contacts with leading producers in urban mainstream pop. Maybe this is how the big dream will come true: a collaboration with his career role model Justin Bieber. "I know his buddy, the singer and producer at Maejor by now, I was already in the studio with him", Rieger grins. "Let's see..."

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