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Marina Buzunashvilli

Founder / Die Marina



In 1981 Marina Buzunashvilli was born in Vienna with parents from Georgia/Azerbaijan. Her family quickly left Austria and moved to the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, where Marina experienced her childhood and youth. Later, when she successfully completed her schooling, she initially lacked a concrete vision of the future. So she quickly makes the decision that any adolescent would probably make: she first decides to earn money and begins an apprenticeship as an office communications clerk.

She also successfully completes this training and acquires the first basics in the areas of accounting and marketing. A short time later, for private reasons, she moved to England, where she gained various new experiences in her professional life, including being an employee in the insurance industry. In 2003 she returned to Germany and pursued a plan to take her Abitur at a Berlin evening school. But fate has a different plan for her.

Her heart for HipHop started beating early - so it's no coincidence that one evening Marina visits a gig of MC Rene. By chance she meets the owner of Marraca$h Music, who at the same time runs the new media agency PANORAMA3000, who promptly hires her as an intern. The first step into the world of the music industry was made and it should definitely not be the last. Through her unrestrained ambition and her great interest in culture, her then employer quickly recognized the "doer" in Marina and offered her the opportunity to continuously work her way up and gain experience in the industry, which would eventually be her hobbyhorse: The PR work.

Until 2011 Marina was active in online promotion for music and film, conceived social media campaigns and constantly expanded her knowledge. 2012 was the year in which Marina and her friend Cornelia Filipov took the big step and fulfilled a long-awaited wish with their independence: They founded the online promotion agency Musicism & cinelove. The focus of their work was clearly on music - a topic that still fills the two women with passion today. After seven years together and several successful projects, Cornelia Filipov decided to pursue a new career.

Marina was at a turning point in her career: others might have doubted the future or given up directly. Marina, on the other hand, is a doer. And a doer has to do what a doer has to do: Namely, first and foremost further. So she came back in 2018. Now on its own, but with more strength than ever before: the PR agency Die Marina was born. The spectrum of clients is as broad as the music industry itself: Marina has been working for many years with Germany's most successful hip hop acts such as Kool Savas, Sido, Xatar, Haftbefrache and Bausa, but puts just as much energy and love into building up newcomers such as the four-music artist Sero, for whom she also leads the management. In a male-dominated environment like the German hip-hop scene, she also cares a lot about supporting the female protagonists - she also looks back on successful collaborations with Schwesta Ewa, SXTN or Ace Tee. Anyone who now thinks that Marina is the classic hip hop promoter who is only experienced in her genre is mistaken. Marina's projects include such big international pop acts as Justin Timberlake, Camila Cabello and Kesha.

Marina Buzunashvilli follows a credo: When she does something, she does it with her heart. The diversity of her thematic spectrum always requires a maximum of flexibility and creativity from her. Working with the artists, labels and management at her side is what fills Marina with passion, happiness and pride - no matter if the talk is of the youngest newcomer or the celebrated world star. For Marina, it is not the peak of success that counts, but the common path to it.

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