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Max Dax

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Max Dax is a German writer investigating art, music and pop culture. As editor-in-chief to the magazines Alert, Spex and Electronic Beats, Dax has shaped pop journalism in Germany for more than three decades. As a curator he organized the recent museum shows Hyper! A Journey into Art and Music in Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen (2019) and Black Album / White Cube in Rotterdam’s Kunsthal (2020). As a photographer he has published two books about the South Italian cities Naples and Palermo. As an author Dax has released numerous books about art and music, among them the oral histories No Beauty Without Danger – 25 Years of Einstürzende Neubauten, Hands on the Table about CAN, and Scooter – Always Hardcore. As a music producer he compiled the albums Il Canto di Malavita – La Musica della Mafia, Invisible Republic – The Music that Influenced Bob Dylan and Maria Callas: Drama Queen. As a musician Max Dax is an active member of both the band Transhuman Art Critics as well as the art/music collective LAWBF. Together with Luci Lux, he is running the Santa Lucia Gallery of Conversations. His first novel Dissonance – A Replaceable Year is due to be released in Autumn 2020.

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