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Milena Fessmann

Music Supervisor, Managing Director / Cinesong



Since 1991, Milena Fessmann has worked as a full-time DJ (2001-2014 Radio Eins After Work Lounge, Trompete/Berlin, European Film Awards 2015 etc.) and has worked for various radio stations. Since 1997 she works for Radio Eins/RBB with her own weekly show called "Free Falling".
In 1989 she founded CINESONG. She is moderator of several national events and panels such as the "Cartoon Movie Award"/Postdam 2002-2008, Reeperbahn-Festival 2014-16, c/o pop Cologne 2014-2017 and many more. Milena Fessmann teaches music supervising and copyright clearing at film schools such as DFFB Berlin and is board member of the World Soundtrack Academy. She founded a film production company called Sugar Town Filmproduction Gmbh & Co. KG in 2011. The first project is "The Potential of Noise - Conny Plank" by Stephan Plank and Reto Caduff. She is executive-producer of "When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit", to be directed by award winning director Caroline Link and is co-producer on "Evaluation" and "Girl made of Dust", Director: Hiam Abbass. 

Music Supervising
- "Girls on Top", Director: Dennis Gansel, Olga-Film, 2001
- "Do Fish Do it", Director: Almut Getto, Icon Film, 2002
- "Solino", Director: Fatih Akin, Wüste Film, 2002
- "Breaking Loose", Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner, Olga Film, 2003
- "The ninth Day", Director: Volker Schlöndorf, Provobis Film, Luxemburg, 2004
- "Requiem", Director: Hans-Christian Schmidt, 23/5 Films, 2006
- "The Three Investigators and Skeleton Island", Director: Florian Braxmeyer,  Studio Hamburg
- "Berlin, Berlin", 80 episodes, Studio Hamburg, 2005-2007
- "Hexe Lilli", Director: Stefan Ruzowitzki, Blue eyes Fiction
- "Palermo Shooting", Director: Wim Wenders, Neue Road Movies Filmproduktion 2010
- "Wer wenn nicht wir", Director: Andres Veiel, Zero one
- "Eden", Director: Peter Dörfler, Rohfilm
- "Hexe Lilli 2", Director: Harald Sicheritz, blue eyes fiction
- "Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück", Director: Marc Rothemund, Samfilm
- "Rubbeldiekatz", Director: Detlev Buck, Film 1
- "Pina", Director: Wim Wenders, neue Roadmovies, Oscar Nomination Best Foreign Film 2012
- "Türkisch für Anfänger", Director: Bora Dagtekin, Rat Pack Filmproduktion, 2012
- "A Most wanted Man", Director: Anton Corbijn, 2013
- "Every thing will be fine", Director: Wim Wenders, 2014
- "Players Games", Director: Marco Petry, Fox Germany, 2014
- "Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten", Director; Neele Leane Vollmer 2014
- "Die abhandene Welt" Director: Margarethe von Trotta 2014
- "Macho Man", Director: Christoph Müller, 2015
- "Coconut Hero", Director: Florian Cossen, Ufa Fiction, 2015
- "Tschick – Who stole the car", Director Fatih Akin, Lago Films, 2015
- "Submergence", Director: Wim Wenders, 2016
- "Welcome to the Hartmanns", Director: Simon Verhoeven, Wiedemann & Berg, 201
- "3 Days in Quiberon", Director: Emily Atef, Rohfilm, 2018
- "Gut gegen Nordwind“, Director: Vanessa Jopp, Komplizenfilm, 2019
- "Berlin Alexanderplatz“, Director: Burhan Qurbani, Sommerhaus Filmproduktion, 2019
- "When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit“, Director: Caroline Link, Sommerhaus Filmproduktion, 2019

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