Isabel Leggiero @sabeeph


InternArtist & Label Manager, Innovator, Creative Director / NoOx Worldwide



CEO & Founder of NoOx Worldwide srl, innovative startup in the music business, bridging Italy, the Afro diaspora and Sub Saharan Africa, starting from Senegal.

Pioneering the Afro Urban music market in Italy since 2018.
Artist Manager, Label Manager, A&R, Music Exporter, Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador, Doors opener & Partnerships hunter, Creative Ideas and Projects Coordinator, 2020 ALT POWER MUSIC LIST -, Keychange Innovator 2022.
Boxing Athlete & Dancing Machine.

At the age of 10, I started breathing the HH world in all its shades: living its underground scene, starting as a B-girl, and now, as a professional in the music industry.
I've been living in the Big Apple-NYC since I was 13 y.o., improving my creative skills, researching the roots of HH and Black culture (Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem).
I've been working with different artists of the Italian and NYC scenes in prestigious and international festivals. 
24/7 Addicted performing arts, daily facing talents & industry professionals. Learner, hard worker, researcher, traveler. Living between Italy and Senegal, strongly focused on innovating the music industry from social changes. Managing Italian, Afro and Senegalese projects & creatives. Living in between Italy, Senegal and the world.

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