Peggy Szkudlarek

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Peggy Szkudlarek

Agent / Dif Productions



Curator/A&R : 2000/2015 ( )
Co-Founder of Sinny Ooko : Recyclerie, la Machine du Moulin Rouge, Pavillon des Canaux …
Venues in Paris (Glazart, Divan du Monde, La Machine du Moulin Rouge…) Polar festival ( nordic festival in Paris), official Cannes Film Festival Concerts (2008/2009)….

Project manager & agent at Dif Productions ( subdivision of Decibels Productions ; since 2015
Co-founder (with Decibels and Infiné label) and agent for an electronic roster (live productions & tour)
More than 40 Artists represented : AZF, Choé, Deena Abdelwahed, Rone, Antigone, Catnapp, Cora Novoa (…) and Nova Materia.
Development, tour strategy...

Involved in lgbtq parties in France with the production of Wet for Me parties ( created and curated by Rag from Barbi(e)Turix )

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Zu meinen Favoriten

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