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Ralf Husmann

Showrunner / MadeFor Film



Born 1964 in Dortmund, currently lives in Berlin.

As of the mid-80s, he worked as a stand-up comedian, freelance author and producer in front of and behind the camera for "SternTV", "Schreinemakers live", "RTL Samstag Nacht" and others.

In 1995, he finally moved to working behind the scenes, at BRAINPOOL as head author and producer for "The Harald Schmidt Show".

Subsequently, he worked as head author and producer, responsible for formats such as the SAT1 comedy series "Anke" with Anke Engelke, "Rent a Pocher" on PRO7, "Dr. Psycho" with Christian Ulmen, "Der kleine Mann" with Bjarne Mädel and "Stromberg" with Christoph Maria Herbst.

In 2008 Ralf Husmann published his first novel "Nicht mein Tag", which sold over 200,000 copies and was adapted for the screen in 2014, starring Moritz Bleibtreu. In 2010 his second novel "Vorsicht vor Leuten" (Beware of People) again hit the SPIEGEL bestseller list and was adapted for ARD, starring Charly Hübner and Michael Maertens.

Husmann also wrote comedy guides, columns for SPIEGEL and PLAYBOY and developed the first cases of the Tatort-team in Dresden with Alwara Höfels and Martin Brambach for ARD.

He is currently head writer and showrunner for the ZDF-series "Merz gegen Merz" with Annette Frier and C.M Herbst, the Pro7-series "Frau Jordan stellt gleich" with Katrin Bauerfeind and wrote the script for the Grimme-Prize-nominated ARD-film: "Der König von Köln".

For his formats Ralf Husmann has received the German Television Award twice, three Grimme Awards, two German Comedy Awards and the Bavarian Film and Television Awards.

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