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Sophie Kammann

Artist Manager / Internashville



After a 6 year sojourn in the UK;  a period spent completing her studies in “Arts Music Entertainment Management” BA (Hons) at LIPA and a Master’s in “Music Industry Studies” at Liverpool University, Sophie returned to her native Germany, bringing with her not only her academic achievements but a wealth of music business experience gained at street level through managing  local Liverpool indie bands.

The 37-year-old has actively been involved with the band The BossHoss since 2008.  10 albums in 14years, all albums have attained gold and platinum status, and have been in the Top 5 of the German Album-Charts. The latest two albums in a row hit #1 in the German Charts.

“I find it inspiring to manage a band of this dimension, making decisions and strategically planning at the hub of things.” The band is not only active in the international live music business and recording industry but also reaches out to cooperate in brand partnerships such as with Mercedes Benz Trucks, Ballantine’s, Telekom, Toyota, etc.

Additionally, over the past several years the band’s 2 frontmen have become established as television personalities; hosting prime time music tv shows and participating as coaches on the Voice of Germany, The Voice Senior and the Voice Kids.

Sophie enjoys the challenging high tempo work involved in bringing together all these diverse fields – drawing up contracts from scratch and developing concepts tailor- made for these interacting areas of the music & media industry.

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