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Timo Blunck

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Timo Blunck is a musician, composer and author, living in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. His company BLUT has offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Timo started out as a pop star: his band ’Palais Schaumburg' is still considered one of the groundbreaking acts in German music history. His novel 'Hatten wir nicht mal Sex in den 80ern?' ('Didn't We Have Sex in the 80s?) was published in 2018.

As a composer, he has been responsible for hundreds of soundtracks for film, advertising and scenography. His recent work with BLUT includes ‚The blind photographer‘ (Volkswagen Arteon), the entire ’Die Limo' campaign with Joko & Klaas + he personally weathered the shit-storm over the Japanese schoolgirl buying sweaty underpants (courtesy of the hard working men at Hornbach).

Timo has won everything from a Gold Lion to a Gold Clio. He took home the DWP Award in 2017 and received the Red Dot Award for Corporate Sound for SCHÜCO. He is a member of the ADC and keeps numerous nails somewhere in his kitchen drawer. He has judged multiple festivals, including Clio, ADC, Ciclope and DWP.

Timo is currently preparing for another tour with Palais Schaumburg and writing his next book, which will be released in 2021.

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