Tine Theurich

CEO/Activist / Superunknown/Music Declares Emergency


Tine Theurich has been working independently in the music industry since 2013. Today she runs a small communication agency called SUPERUNKNOWN. Together with her team, she helps professional musicians, companies and initiatives to build a solid connection with their audience and to develop individual and creative communication solutions for the digital space. Driven by her DIY/independent spirit and frustration with outdated marketing and communication structures, Tine and her agency deliberately take a different approach with their creative and system-critical spirit. They are also committed to environmental sustainability and climate justice within the music industry. Tine Theurich is an active member of the climate movement Music Declares Emergency, which got the goal to transform the music industry into a climate friendly and ecological sustainable one. For Tine sustainability has always been a key element when it comes to marketing and communication. Right now it's her desire for more sustainability on the ecological level that keeps her going. Well, and the one for good (live) music, obviously. NOW is the exactly the right time, to make these important game-changing decisions - with courage and determination.
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