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Yona Azoulay

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Yona’s passion for music and for sharing it with others led her, two plus decades ago, to launch a career in the field, touching almost every aspect of music production since. She is a music supervisor, an executive producer of original music for film and TV series, a talent scouter, and an expert in music clearance and admin of rights. Throughout her career, Yona has held A&R positions at Polydor (Universal), and BMG (Sony Music), and as an independent producer and seasoned talent manager she has been responsible for an eclectic range of music acts and events, and supported upcoming talent including N.A.P. & Abd El Malik, Riff Cohen, and Les Sages Poetes de la Rue. In 2016, Yona joined her long-time work partner Varda Kakon at VK Productions, a company renowned for its work with composers on creating original music scores for cinema and television. The pair’s impressive body of work includes projects such as L’Empereur de Paris composed by Marco BELTRAMI and Marcus TRUMPP, or the French hilarious TV series 10% ( Call my agent).

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