Portrait Efterklang
© Søren Lynggaard

In­die Folk, Rock, and Ground­brea­king Style Fu­si­ons!

Efterklang from Copenhagen have traveled across all areas of contemporary music since their debut "Tripper," always searching for new ideas and influences. With their upcoming album "Things We Have In Common," we can expect what is probably the most sophisticated work of this now trio project. 

In the 2010s, Mighty Oaks were groundbreaking for internationally successful indie folk that didn't primarily come from the USA or the UK. Sure, Ian Hooper is American by birth, Craig Saunders is English, and Claudio Donzelli is Italian, but they found each other in Hamburg. At some point, things went quiet around Mighty Oaks, but now they are back and provide an overview of their previous work. 

As the frontman of Black Midi, Geordie Greep has had his finger on the pulse of time in recent years when it comes to experimental rock from England. Songs penned by him are always more than mere attempts to combine styles. His songs reflect the influences of his past as well as the visions of a new form of rock music. 

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